Friday, March 1, 2013

March - To Do

March is here...onwards toward Spring.  We sold our house!!!  The baby is coming soon!!!  So, much to look forward too.

Key Dates
March 22nd - Brother-in-law's Birthday
March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
March 31st - Easter

Take Pictures of the House - Since the house is still all nice and clean from our open house, I want to go through and take pictures of all the rooms to remember the place.
Make Video of the House for Madeleine - I also want to take a video tour of the place, so I can document a few things like where Madeleine first crawled and did this or that.
Send Birthday Card to Brother-in-law
St. Patrick's Day - Since Bill's Irish, we usually do something.  Not sure what we're going to do this year though.
- Color Eggs - I think Madeleine is really going to enjoy doing this this year.
- Prepare Breakfast - We have a tradition in our family of doing a cold breakfast Easter morning.  I love it, and have to go around to all my little shops to get everything we'll need.
- Basket Blessing / Church - After I have everything for the breakfast, we put it in a basket and have it blessed by our church.  I'm pretty sure it's an Eastern European thing - my family is Polish.  We also have to make sure we actually go to church on Easter.  We've definitely become Lapsed Catholics over the years.
Start Packing - closing is not until April 25th, but whatever we can pack, move, or sell now I want to get started on.
Have This Baby!! - I'm not due until April 7th, but with the plethera of birthdays we have in our family in April, I'm kind of hoping for a March baby.  Plus, I'm done being pregnant already.  It actually went by really fast, but now that it's so close I just want to meet my baby boy!!

P.S.  I didn't have to put give Banshee her meds on the list because Bill did that already this morning!!