Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleep Date

I mentioned in my last post here that Seamus is not sleeping through the night yet.  We're two very tired parents.  So, I asked my mom if she would mind taking the kids overnight so Bill and I could have an uninterrupted night's sleep.  Saturday morning I drove the hour and a half to my parents house and dropped off the kids, then turned around and drove the hour and half back home.  Bill and I then enjoyed a wonderful 24 hours of DINKdom. 

While I was driving Bill went to the driving range with our brother-in-law.  Then, when I got home we had lunch, and just relaxed on the couch watching a bit of television.  Basically, just relishing the fact that no one needed anything from us.  At 3:30pm we went to the movies.  We saw Man of Steel.  I thought it was good, but not great...kind of long for me; but it was still easily the best Superman movie I've seen.
The movie got out around 6pm, and we headed to dinner.  I received a City Tins set for Christmas, so we've slowly been making our way through the restaurants.  Wanting to avoid downtown Milwaukee due to SummerFest, we chose Maxi's Southern Comfort.  I have been there before, but it was a first for Bill.  We had a really nice dinner.  First Bill had a Mojito and I had Sparkling Wine.  Then, we ordered half a dozen of the Fresh-shucked Raw Oysters as an appetizer.  Bill had never had oysters, and it had been awhile for me.  (Bill actually googled "how to eat oysters" at the table so he would know what to do.)  I thought they were really good, but as per usual with oysters, gone too soon.  Next, we both had a cup of Tortilla Soup, a favorite of ours.  Then, for our entrees, Bill had the " Jambalaya 'Me-Oh-My-A' " (he never passes up Jambalaya on a menu) and I had the special "Turkey Po'Boy".  We both enjoyed everything.  The portions were so big though, that we each took half our entree home.

By the time dinner was over we were both getting tired, which was perfect for the last and main event of our date....SLEEP!  We were literally in bed by 9pm and slept 10 hours straight.  It was glorious!!!  We really needed it.  We also got to enjoy a lazy morning in bed...hadn't had one of those in forever.  We made a quick Target run before heading back down to Illinois to pick up the kids.  They had a really good time with my parents.  Seamus got up twice overnight, but my mom said it was no problem, especially since it was only the one night.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!