Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This and That

Ugh...stupid babies and work keep getting in the way of my blogging!!!

Here's a quick look at what I've been up to lately...

I cut my hair.  I think it is kind of too short, and am still getting used to it.  It's been really long for a while now.  (Also, I have no make-up on and look tired).

We've been enjoying summer the best we can with lots of family get togethers, walks, the park, swimming, and festivals.  Here's Madeleine dancing to the bagpipes at the Scottish Festival.
I also finally got the girl signed up for some classes.  I signed her up for some zoo classes and swimming lessons.  Here she is at her zoo class where they learned about the carousel.
Sometimes we just hang out and watch t.v. too.  I got hooked on The Voice. (I was rooting for Michele, but was okay with Danielle winning too)  I'm glad its over though.  Reality competition shows are too much of a commitment.  Thank goodness for DVR to cut out all the filler.  We essentially just watched the performances and last five minutes of the results show each week.
Photo Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Game of Thrones just ended and True Blood just started back up on HBO, so we've been watching those.  I know I said I probably wouldn't watch it here, but I also watched Under the Dome last night.  I was too curious to see how they would adapt it. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep watching or not yet.  I'll probably watch at least one more episode.  They changed quite a bit from the book.  We also watched a couple of movies: Celeste and Jessie Forever and Zero Dark Thirty.  Both were good, but Zero Dark Thirty was really good.
I haven't bought any new clothes, but I did pick up these shoes for my nightly (well, almost nightly) walks with the dog.
I tried out The Honest Co.'s diapers.  They had a free trial ($5.95 for shipping) for a 7 diapers and 10 wipe sample.  Besides being super cute, I actually liked them.  They aren't as bulky as regular diapers.  I signed up for their delivery service.  I did the math, and it is about equal to what I am paying now for diapers/wipes.  Plus they are so much cuter than my normal Pampers.
Let's see...anything else?  Oh yeah, Seamus smiles all the time now and I love it!!

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