Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day Date

Bill and I were a little sneaky this week.  You see, we both took Monday through Wednesday off from work.  Combine that with the Thanksgiving holiday, and we end up getting 9 days off in a row while only sacrificing 3 vacation days.  We do it every year, and I love it.

That's not the sneaky part though.

The sneaky part was that we decided to send Madeleine to daycare Tues/Wed to have a couple of days to ourselves.  Today we had an appointment and errands to run, but yesterday we had ourselves a DAY DATE.

So, after a yummy French Toast breakfast, we spent an exciting day at the mall!!

And for all you How I Met Your Mother fans, I was totally singing "Let'g Go To The Mall" to myself all day.  Go Robin Sparkles!!

We got to the mall pretty much right when it opened, and headed to VisionWorks to get Bill some new glasses.  While he was getting his eye exam and picking out frames; I headed to The Loft to return a shirt and then to Barnes and Noble to buy some books for Madeleine for Christmas.  I had a big stack picked out, but those picture books are crazy expensive!!  I narrowed it down to three:  Madeline, Curious George, and The Night Before Christmas.

When Bill was finished, we did a bit more Christmas shopping then had lunch at the food court.  After lunch we went to GAP Kids (which has maternity clothes).  I picked up a pair of jeans and two tops.  I was pregnant with Madeleine mostly in the summer months, so I needed to pick up a few warmer options to get me through the winter.

After that, we headed to the movies.  We saw "Skyfall," the new James Bond movie.  We both really liked it.  It was definitely worth seeing it in the theater; a long movie though.  By the time it got out it was after 3pm.  We headed home, picked up Madeleine, and it was business as usual for the rest of the night.

It's so rare for us to be alone together in the middle of the day like that.  It's a much different vibe than the more standard evening date; more casual.  It was fun.

Have you guys ever played hookie like we did?  Did you do something more exciting than going to the mall?  We'll have to be more creative next time (and there will be a next time).  Have you seen Skyfall yet?  Are you looking forward to any other movies?  I can't wait to see Anna Karenina and Les Miserables.

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  1. What a FANTASTIC idea! I love it! Really want to see Skyfall and Anna Karenina too!!! Happy Thanksgiving!