Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Babymoon...Sort Of

Bill and I just got back from a quick weekend in Arizona.  I actually had to go for work, and since we have good friends down there Bill decided to tag along.
I flew out Wednesday afternoon, and landed in Phoenix around 7:30pm.  I met my two best friends Dawn and Lauren (identical twins) for dinner at Four Peaks Brewery in Scottsdale.  I've known these gals since the 8th grade, so we pretty much took off just where we left off.  We joked that it felt like we were just getting together for dinner like we do it all the time even though we haven't seen each other since last May.
Thursday morning I headed to the office.  I mentioned here that my company merged with another company recently.  Well, the headquarters are now located in Scottsdale, AZ.  So, my boss and half my team are all located there.  This was the first time I got to meet most of them.  Everyone was really nice, and it helped to calm some of my nerves about my new job.  I'll probably have to go to down there every couple of months for the forseeable future as well, which is fine with me because I love it there and get to see my friends. 
Bill flew down Thursday, and met me at the hotel around 5:00pm.  That night we went out with my friends again, and Dawn's husband Jason joined us as well.  We went to Mia Francesca also in Scottsdale.  I had awesome ravioli with scallops.  It was delicious.
This is really the only picture we took all weekend.  Even the one above is from a previous trip.  We were too busy just hanging out I guess.
On Friday, it was back to work for me.  My new boss graciously gave Bill a ticket to the Phoenix Open that was going on in Scottsdale last weekend.  He got to hang out at the famous 16th hole for the day.  I'm glad too because I wasn't sure what he was going to do all day.  After work we met up with Dawn and Jason again.  Lauren headed out to San Francisco for the weekend to meet up with her boyfriend.  Dinner tonight was fancy pizza at Caio Gratzi followed by ice cream at Sweet Republic.  Again, excellent food.  We capped off the night hanging out at Dawn and Jason's house for a bit.
Saturday we packed up and checked out of our hotel.  Bill and I decided to go for a drive and check out the area a bit.  We headed South and drove through Mesa and Gilbert a bit just taking it all in.  Lauren texted us that morning to let us know she got engaged!!  Her boyfriend in San Francisco surprised her with a trip to Napa and then proposed.  After our little jaunt we headed back North to meet Dawn and Jason for lunch at True Food Kitchen.  Dawn and Jason are super healthy eaters...seriously they do things like substitute broccoli for french fries.  This restaurant was super healthy.  We ordered vegetable crudite as an appetizer.  I don't think I've ever done that in my life, but it was good.  I had the turkey lasagna for lunch, and it was also really yummy (I'm running out of adjectives to describe good food!!).  After lunch we drove around and then ended up back at their house again.  We watched the premier of that new show The Americans starring Kerri Russel.  We all thought it was really interesting, I'm going to watch again.  For dinner we went to Tom's Thumb Fresh Market (and gas station??) for barbeque.  It was an odd little place, but the pulled pork was fantastic.  We topped it off with fruit cobblers for dessert too.  After dinner we watched American Reunion before calling it a night.
Sunday we weren't there for long.  I made eggs for Dawn and I, and she made fresh squeezed orange juice from oranges a friend of hers grew in their yard.  We headed to the airport around 10am and were back home in Milwaukee by 5pm.  It was a fun little trip.  We didn't do too much, but we sure ate a lot!!!  We were both so excited to see Madeleine though...we sure missed her.  My flying days are numbered, so I think this is the last trip for us until the baby comes.  Only 8 1/2 weeks left!!

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