Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Resolutions Update

Since it's February now, I thought I'd check in on my New Year's Resolutions to see how I was coming along.  I heard on the radio that most people abandon their resolutions within 45 days of the new year.  We're closing in on that timeframe, so it's the perfect time to check in and keep the momentum going.

1. Record those memories - I've fallen a little behind on a few of my, for lack of a better name, memory projects. I need to catch up on these, and make sure I'm on top of it going forward.
- 2011 and 2012 Photo Books  I've been going through photos and picking/editing ones for the photo books, but I'm only through September 2011. 
- Madeleine's Christmas Memory Book  I typed this up before I forgot the details, but haven't made the time to handwrite it into her book yet.
- Madeleine's Baby Book  Nothing.
- Purchase Baby Boy's Baby Book  Nothing.
- Figure out a video storage system and edit videos  Nothing.

2. Get in shape - I debated making this one public or not, but it is what it is. I need to lose a few pounds. This one is obviously on hold until after the baby is born, but come April I want to lose the baby weight plus an additional 20 pounds.  Nothing, but I'm happy to report that I have not gained nearly as much weight this time around as I did with Madeleine.  I still have a few months left, but hopefully I'll be starting off in a better place than last time.  My super healthy friends in AZ have got me thinking about my eating habits, and the habits I want to instill in my kids too; so I plan to start working on changing those to be more healthy.  That's something I can start now too, and don't have to wait on.

3. Take better photos - I'd like to learn more about how our camera works. In addition, which I think will make an even bigger difference, I really want to learn how to edit the pictures I take. My editing skills consist of removing red eye and clicking the "autocorrect" button in Microsoft Office 2010. That's it. I'd like to start learning Photoshop or some other editing software.  Nothing.

4. Make music - I grew up playing the piano and violin, but I never do that anymore. Bill also gave me a guitar a few years back, that I've really only toyed with since then. I'd like to learn one or two songs on the guitar, and be able to play them well and from memory.  Nothing.

5. The Big Purge - I mentioned this one already here. It's going to be a big project, but I'm actually looking forward to it. This one is coming along actually.  We've sold quite a few things, and have donated a ton.  We've even brought a few car loads of items we know we won't need for awhile, like holiday decorations and seasonal clothes, to my father-in-law's condo to help declutter the house for staging purposes.

6. Work on my style - I feel like I've lost my sense of style in the last few years. Between my weight gain and becoming a mom; I don't know how to dress my body anymore, and even if I did I'm not exactly sure what my style even is anymore.  Nothing, but I've been thinking about it.  I think I might extend this one to make it a family goal as well.  I've been thinking a lot about how I want Madeleine and Baby Boy to dress too.  I think Bill knows his style pretty well, but his wardrobe could use some revamping too.

7. Go Green - I definitely want to start being a bit more eco-friendly. I don't see myself setting up a worm compost system in my basement or anything, but I'd like to start making some small changes here and there. I especially want to start switching some of our cleaning agents to more green options. I don't want my family exposed to a bunch of chemicals anymore.  We used cloth napkins for dinner one time.  I'm still hoping to make that a regular thing, but I keep forgeting!!  I've also switched laundry detergents from Tide to Seventh Generation.  I've used Tide my entire lift, so this was pretty big.  I wish I could say I did some research on Seventh Generation and made an informed choice, but I didn't.  It says "Natural" on the bottle, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I'm not sure exactly how much more "green" it is over Tide, but I have no complaints about it so far.  It cleans just as well as Tide, and the cost is about equal as well.

8. Learn to sew/crochet - I've been wanting to learn to both sew and crochet forever!! My mom gave me a brand new sewing maching like 3 or 4 years ago, and I've literally never even turned it on; crocheting just looks really fun to me. So, I'm hoping to add these new skills to my repetoire this year.  I had one crochet lesson!!  I took Madeleine to my sister's for a play date with my niece, and while they played my sister taught me some basics.  She showed me how to make a chain, single, and double stitches.  She also gave me some supplies and books to practice.  Unfortnately, I haven't picked it up again since that day, but I plan to this week.  My fingers were pretty awkward holding everything, but I think with a little practice I can probably get pretty good at crochet.

So, there you have it.  I'm plugging away at a few, and reminded myself of a few others.  Writing them down is definitely key.  I think the more you keep them on your radar the better chance you have of achieving them. 

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