Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cool Beans! A Liebster!!

I wanted to thank Amy from Anthologie for nominating me for a Liebster award!  This sounds like a really cool way to give small blogs (or microscopic ones like mine) exposure, so I'm pretty excited! 

What is a Liebster Award? A Liebster award is given to blogs with less than 300 followers as a way of making them more well-known. The rules for the acceptance are:
1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you
2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back
3) Answer the 10 questions posed by the blogger who nominated you
4) Select 3 – 5 bloggers for the award
5) Pose 10 new questions to the new nominees
6) Post the award on your blog

Here are my questions from Amy:
1) Why did you start blogging?
Although this is a new blog for me, I actually started blogging back in 2007.  My first blog was a movie review blog of all things.  Later I switched to a more lifestyle type blog.  This was all prior to Facebook, so I guess I started blogging to just talk about things that were going on in my life or interested me.
2) What are your blogging goals?
I've struggled a bit since becoming a mom with keeping up with everything...including blogging; so my blog now is focusing a lot on organization, time management, and making the most of what little time I get to spend with my family.  I use my blog as a tool to keep me motivated and organized.  I hope it helps those who read it do the same.
3) What is your favorite article of clothing?
I'm 6 months pregnant, so clothes haven't been on my radar much these days.  Normally though, I really love coats.  I own more coats than anybody could possibly need.
4) What is your favorite blog that you read?
Right now it's YoungHouseLove.  It's a can't miss for me.  I find those two crazy DIY kids so inspiring.
5) Facebook or Twitter?
Neither!  I was on Facebook for awhile, but I gave it up a few months ago and haven't looked back.  Don't miss it at all.
6) What is something that currently challenges you?
Lately I seem to be having more challenges than not.  I struggle with time management and organization.  I struggle with balancing work with my home life.  I struggle with being a good mom and wife.  I feel like I could go on and on.  I'm just taking it one day at a time, and doing the best I can.
7) Paper calendar or electronic?
Definitely paper.  I use my outlook calendar only for work meetings; otherwise the whole families' schedules/appointments are on a paper calendar in our kitchen.
8) What is your favorite cosmetic?
I'm terrible at make-up, so I don't really have favorites.  If nothing else, I put on foundation and mascara everyday though; both are Maybelline.
9) As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I don't really remember if there was something funny from when I was small, but as I got older I really wanted to be a book editor.  I liked the idea of reading manuscripts all day.  Actually, it still sounds pretty good to me.  If I had to do it over again I would probably pursue that, or get my PhD in British Literature.  I would love to be a professor at a university and teach Jane Austen.
10) What is one of your goals for 2013?
I actually have a few goals for this year, and you can read about them here.

Now for my nominations!  This was kind of tough because a lot of the blogs I read I know have way more than 300 followers.  Here's three I like though that I'm hoping don't.

1)  Emily Style - Emily is a very active San Franciscan who loves biking, fashion, and the opera.  She seriously does more in one weekend then I do all week.  Oh, and as her blog name suggests...she has great style.  I especially love her determination to entertain with real silver, china, and cloth napkins!!

2)  Anthologie - Amy nominated me, and was recently nominated herself; but her blog is still one I  enjoying reading.  She's actually a blogger friend turned real friend.  I can relate to a lot of her posts on parenthood and Milwaukee, plus she has terrific style and is a really good crafter.

3) Toadfrogs and Elephants - I met Holly through a book club, and have enjoyed reading her daily blog about her life and two young sons since.  Her and her husband are pretty awesome DIYers too.

Here are my questions:
1) Why do you blog?
2) Do you have any pets?
3) Where is your dream vacation destination?
4) What is your favorite blog that you read?
5) What is the best book you've read lately?
6) Who is your celebrity crush?
7) What would be your dream job?
8) What did you do on your last date night?
9) What is your favorite food?
10) What is one of your goals for 2013?

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