Monday, December 10, 2012

Time Flies When Your Having Fun

If I thought time was going fast prior to having Madeleine, since her arrival it now moves at warp speed. 

We just recently had her 2 year old portraits taken, and I just keep thinking...How can she possibly be 2 years old already!!

Here's her best "portrait" shot.  It was really hard to get her to sit still, but we got a few cute ones.
We also got some nice candids.  I thought this one really showcased her natural smile well.
Finally, we did manage a decent family shot.  This is what we used on our Christmas card (which I created and ordered last night).  I had wanted Madeleine in the middle of us to break up our black, but at least we got something.
And just for's my favorites from all the photo shoots we did the first two years.
Newborn (I think she's about 6 weeks old here)
3 months
6 months
9 months

1 year
18 months
2 years
Her face has definitely thinned out over the last six months.  She looks more "little girl" now than "baby."  Seriously...2 years!!  I still can't believe it.

All photos taken by Elizabeth at Photography Atelier, but owned by me.


  1. hey did you go to Elizabeth's studio for the latest ones? we have never done that but we might next year. Madeleine is such a cutie - I love her outfit in the recent photo. Her hair is so long!!! I just keep massaging Maggie's head to spur some growth :)

  2. We've actually always gone to her house for the pictures (although we did her 18-month photos outside at a park). She's so nice, does a great job, and is really reasonably priced.

    I picked up the outfit at Janie and Jack (on sale with an additional coupon of course).

    I must confess I love Madeleine's long hair too. She doesn't like me to mess with it much though, so its usually just a clip to keep it out of her eyes and that's it. I can't wait until she'll sit still for a bit and let me have some fun with it!!

  3. good to know! I always make Elizabeth trek outside :)