Monday, December 3, 2012

Whatcha Watching?

I'll be honest with you...most nights after Madeleine goes to bed I am so exhausted that I just crash in front of the television.  Part of me really wants to utilize these precious three hours before my own bedtime to take care of things around the house, but that part of me usually doesn't win.  So, I thought I'd take a moment to analyze what I watch to help me determine what I feel is really worth my time, and see what (if anything) can go by the wayside.

So, here's what I watch, and why...

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) - I primarily watch this show for the characters Barney Stinson and Marshall & Lily.  Barney is hilarious and Marshall & Lily are adorable.  I actually don't really like the main character, Ted, that much anymore; but am still really interested to find out who the "mother" will be.  I figure this show probably only has another season left, maybe two tops.  I really hope Ted meets the "mother" on the last episode and it just ends with the line "And that's how I met your mother."  If he meets the mom and the show keeps going I'm going to be over it.

Gossip Girl (CW) - I watch this show for two reasons:  1) Chuck & Blair and 2) the CLOTHES!!!  I would love, love, love to have Blair or Lily's wardrobe from this show.  This is actually its last season, and I'm glad as the storylines are getting a little far fetched.  As long as it ends with Chuck and Blaire together I'll be happy. 

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Ben & Kate (Fox) - This is one of only two new shows we started watching this season; primarily because it is on right before New Girl.  I think it is pretty funny, but I'm not 100% sure its a keeper yet.

New Girl (Fox) - Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite actresses (and singers too).  I love her quirkiness and think she is adorable.  Part of me thinks her character on the show is not too different from how she is in real life.  I love her, and I love Schmidt on this show.  The only thing that kind of bums me out right now is the Nick character.  They are setting him up to eventually get together with Jess, and he's so annoying.  He's kind of become a caricature...always yelling all the time.  I like him much better when he tones it down a bit.

The Mindy Project (Fox) - This is the other new show we picked up this season.  I love Mindy Kaling, and so far am really liking this show.  I think I'll be sticking with this one for sure.

Happy Endings (ABC) - I had to look up which day this show was actually on.  It's set to record on my DVR, and just pops up randomly.  It still makes me laugh, but if it weren't recording I probably wouldn't even miss it.

Modern Family (ABC) - This show came out with a bang, and is still going strong.  It is a must-see for me every week.  I love Phil Dunphy!!

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - This is my absolute favorite sitcom right now!  Bill and I have both liked it since day one, but we definately agree since they brought on Bernadette and especially Amy Farrah Fowler as "girlfriends" it has jumped to a whole new level of funny.  Amy is my favorite character.  I love her relationship with Sheldon, and her quasi-lesbian infatuation with Penny is hilarious.  This scene is one my all-time favorite moment of the show so far...

30 Rock (NBC) - I love Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, so I've always enjoyed this one.  It's just so silly, and makes me laugh every week.  This is its last season, and I'll be sad to see it go.

Up All Night (NBC) - This show started the fall Madeleine was born, so I think Bill and I latched onto it because as brand new parents all the material was so relevant.  We totally related, and still do.  Plus, I totally love Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph.

Parks and Recreation (NBC) - This is one we just started watching because it was between 30 Rock and The Office, and it slowly became one of our favorites.  It's very sweet.  This is also in its last season, and I'll miss it as well.  (I'm also bummed Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are getting divorced.  They were so cute together!)

The Office (NBC) - This was one of my favorite shows when Steve Carel was on it.  I was hoping it would keep its charm after he left, but alas, it hasn't.  I probably would have stopped watching it this season, but it's the last season as well for this one; so I'll see it through.  Steve Carel better make a final appearance!!

Glee (Fox) - I really liked this show when it first came out, and really up through last season as well.  However, as often happens with shows that take place in high school, now that the main characters have graduated it's just not the same.  Finn takes over the Glee Club while Mr. Schu is on sabbatical?  Santana comes home from college to play Rizzo in the school musical?  Plus, I thought they would focus more on the Junior class from last year, but instead they've introduced all these new characters that I just don't care about.  I do like when they show Kurt and Rachel's lives in New York though.  That's the show I want to see now...Kurt and Rachel Take New York!     

Grimm (NBC) - I always like a good fantasy show, and I think this one is really good.  I couldn't tell you the name of any of the actors in it, but it's pretty solid.  We actually saw (and said "hi" to) one of the actors when we were in Portland earlier this year (it's filmed there).  It was "Monroe" for those who watch it.  We were waiting for a table at a restaurant, and he came in looking for a table as well.  They obviously didn't recognize him, because they told him it was an hour wait.  He turned to leave and I was all...OMG.  I chased him down half a block, yelled "Excuse Me" until he stopped and turned (I told you I don't know his name!), then simply told him I was a fan of the show.  He seemed genuinely thankful to hear it.

Saturday Night Live (NBC) - I still enjoy watching this show every week.  Although, I haven't watched it "live" in a long time.  It records, and we usually watch it here and there throughout the week. 

Once Upon A Time (ABC) - Another fantasy show I enjoy.  I don't know how much longevity this show has (it really should be a mini-series), but for now I still like it.  I like how it tells parallel stories with the same characters in two different worlds.  Plus, I really like Ginnifer Goodwin.  She makes an excellent Snow White.

The Walking Dead (AMC) - And I save the best for last.  This is my absolute favorite show right none.  It's really the only show that I cannot wait to watch every week.  If you're not familiar, it takes place in the aftermath of a zombie apocolypse, and follows a rag tag group of people around as they navigate this new world and basically, just try to survive.  I will warn you that it is so's bloody work killing zombies afterall; but it so well done.  Every week I am on the edge of my seat.  It's truly a show where nobody is safe either.  They kill of main characters all the time.  You literally never know what it going to happen.  The mid-season finale was last night, and I don't know how I'm going to wait until February for new episodes.  If you don't watch this one, it's an excellent time to get caught up.  They are only in Season 3 right now.  I highly recommend this one!!
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Other shows I watch that aren't on right now are:
Cougar Town (TBS) - This show actually was cancelled, but TBS has picked it up and will start running new episodes in January.  I love Courtney Cox and the silliness of this show. 

Mad Men (AMC) - I love me some Don Draper, and have always loved the costumes on this show, but I think I may be done with this one.  It's been a bit boring the last few seasons.

True Blood (HBO) - I am still enjoying this one.  Vampire Eric is my favorite!

Downton Abby (PBS) - Besides The Walking Dead, this is my other favorite show right now!!  Season 3 will air on PBS in January, and I can't wait!!!

Doctor Who (BBC America) - My sister got me hooked on this one.  Another sci-fi, fantasy show, but I like it (Bill loves it!).  We watched all 6 seasons over last summer, and have been watching Season 7 live.  I'm really interested to see who the new companion is when it comes back next year.

So, after analyzing all this, here's what I came up with:

1)  I'm watching about 12 hours of television a week.  That's slightly misleading though, as I also watch rerun episodes of The Big Bang Theory on at 6pm during the week, and The Disney Channel is on for a bit both Saturday/Sunday mornings, and after naps.  Madeleine only watches television here and there in 10-15 minute spurts, so if I sit and watch an entire episode of Good Luck Charlie, that's really on me.  I'm going to work on not turning on the television until the shows I want to watch are actually on.

2)  I tried to find some sort of theme among what I watch, but they are all so different.  I mean, on Sunday night I watch a show about fairy tale characters followed by a show about zombies!  The only thing I could come up with is that I like scripted television.  I watch no reality shows at all.  So, yay for me!!!

3) Four of the shows I am currently watching are in their last seasons.  That will free up 2.5 hours during the week if I pick up no new shows.

4) I think I'm going to drop Glee, Mad Men, and Happy Endings.  Maybe even Ben & Kate too.  I'm going to cancel them on my DVR, and I bet I won't even miss them.  That will free up another 2.5 to 3 hours!!

5) I can't believe the only thing I watch on Wednesday is Modern Family.  I think I'm going to start designating this as a cleaning/project night.  It is set to record, so I can just knock it out another night.

So, that's that.  How do you guys feel about television?  Do you think you watch too much?  What are your must-sees every week?  Is there something crazy good out there I should be watching?  Everywhere I turn people are talking about Homeland.  I'm scared to get sucked in though, but it's only in Season 2 I think, so it wouldn't take long to get caught up.

Oh, and for the record, Bill and I have very compatible television tastes.  With the exception of maybe Gossip Girl and Glee, Bill watches all these shows as well.  In addition, he watches shows on the Discovery and History channels like Pawn Stars and Gold Rush.  He also watches a bit of sports, but thankfully he is not obsessed with them or anything.  He's a pretty well-rounded guy. 


  1. Here's what I watch:

    Sunday: amazing race and The Good Wife, although I'm fine missing episodes of either now that I have caught up with The Good Wife. I thought earlier seasons were better.

    Monday: nothing

    Tuesday: New Girl and Mindy Kaling Project. I LOVE both of these shows, although I will completely agree with you - I'm over Nick. Schmidt is the best! the MKP is so hilarious to me.

    Wednesday: Modern Family (of course) and Nashville

    Thursday - Saturday: Nothing

    I really like getting shows on DVD much better than watching tv on a regular basis because I go through spurts. I am very much looking forward to Downton Abbey since I watched the first two seasons on DVD. I love Mad Men, so when that starts up again, I will go back to that on Sunday nights. I am waiting for Homeland to arrive in my library queue. Nate and I really loved the show The Wire, so that is one to get on DVD if you are looking.

    Oh! I think what keeps my tv watching down is that we do not have any sort of subscription to DVD service (e.g. netflix) and we do not have DVR. We used to have DVR but then we thought we were watching too much tv so we got rid of it.

  2. Bill loved the wire! I think when we were dating it was in its final seasons. I never got into it, and since he's already watched it I won't pick it up.

    The only problem I have with getting shows on DVD is that I sort of become obsessed, and watch basically three episodes a night until I'm through the series. However, then you're just done with it until the next season comes out, so it's not like a weekly obligation anymore. I may try that with True Blood going forward, then I could just cancel my HBO subscription as well.